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As St George lawyers, the attorneys at The Justice Firm, understand that the law affects people in many different ways. Our skilled St George attorneys have local experience in both office counseling and court representation. Here are only a few of the services that you can rely on The Justice Firm to perform to your entire satisfaction:

Divorce Law

If you have recently found yourself in a marriage that is ending, there is one thing you want to make sure to do- find a good attorney. Some people go out and look for the biggest “pit bull” (read: Jerk) that they can find. Some try to get the paperwork online and do it themselves. Most will fall somewhere in the middle and find a good attorney who will listen to the client and do what THEY want.

At The Justice Firm, we specialize in divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is where the spouses get together and work out a settlement. Most of the time mediation works. If not, the courthouse is just next door and we can fight for our clients’ rights there. We think mediation is usually the way to go because trusting the government to decide who gets the kids and the house can be a scary prospect.

So whether you want to do things the easy way or the hard way, we can help friendly spouses who come in together, we can mediate to save the couple money, or we can “battle it out” in court for those cases where one spouse is just “impossible”. Either way, with our firm, the client makes the choice- which makes you the boss.

Family Law

For all matters relating to legal aspects in regards to relationships between members of a family. This includes marriage and divorce, child custody, the writing of wills, adoption, guardianships, DCFS fights, juvenile law and any other matters related to family relationships.


For matters involving complete release of all debts, you need to see an attorney who specializes in Chapter 7 relief. At [Law Office Name], Chapter 7, full debt relief is all we do. Don’t make payments for 3-5 years, stop the calls, stop the hassle and get some peace of mind today. Our price is the best around. from $499 and up, you get an attorney to represent you in your bankruptcy case. We can also help you keep your house and car in almost every situation.

Criminal Law

For all cases involving crimes committed against the public. Unlike civil litigation services, which deal only with private disputes, criminal services are specifically designed for charges made against a or several individuals by the government. Our St. George criminal lawyers are conveniently located right next to the courthouse. Why? Because we are constantly at court. When your liberty is at stake, come to us to get representation. We even have convenient payment plans.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice is actually located in St. George. This is not a Salt Lake City firm that hires some, fresh out of law school to have a “local” presence. You actually meet the experienced attorney who can help you with any injury. From large multi-million dollar cases to the small $50,000 dog bite cases, the The Justice Firm can give you the representation and assistance that your case deserves. Few people understand what someone goes through when they are injured. We do and we can help.

Civil Law

For all other types of matters, we can help you fight against “the big boys”. We have had successful cases against the United States Government, large banks, and large companies. When you find yourself in a mess legally, let us help dig you out and get you back to your normal life. No one likes a lawsuit, but if you have to be in one, you might as well win. Our The Justice Firm attorneys offer counsel, advice and representation against any foe, small or large.

These are only a few of the many services that The Justice Firm offers. For more information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced St George attorneys, call us or visit our St. George office today.

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