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Divorce Law


The Justice Firm helps you understand the ins and outs of divorce and what you can expect in the future. Don’t walk into your divorce blind, rely on us to get you results.

Child Custody


Learn about Utah’s laws for child custody and what might be in store. At The Justice Firm, we study lots of past cases to show you what it takes to get custody of your child.

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Find Justice and Get a Fair Deal with Family Law in St. George


Why “The Justice Firm”?

Let’s start with a definition. This is our goal for every case we handle.

Justice is defined as:

  1. The quality of being just, righteous, equitable or morally right.

  2. The administering of a deserved punishment or reward.

So if you want an attorney that will:

  • Fight for custody;

  • Make sure that you get your fair share;

  • Punish your spouse for cheating, abandonment or abuse;

  • Get your reward for your hard work and loyalty…

Call Bryan Adamson with The Justice Firm at 435-986-8386 today or fill out our form below and we will contact you.